Donation Information

Donations to the FIJI Run Across Virginia can be made in multiple ways.  We accept both cash, check, and credit donations.  For credit donations please click the link at the bottom of the page.  For check donations please mail the check to the address below.  Cash donations can only be accepted if you are in the Blacksburg or Charlottesville area.  For instructions on how to make cash donations please email

Checks can be made out to two different names.  Checks can either be made out the "The V Foundation" or to "FIJI Run Across Virginia".  Checks made out to "The V Foundation" directly are 100% tax deductible.  Checks written to the "FIJI Run Across Virginia" are not tax deductible.   Checks written to the run directly are important despite the fact that they are not tax deductible.  

It is guaranteed that at least  80% of each donation to the "Fiji Run Across Virginia" will be donated to The V Foundation.  Then up to 20% of that donation can be used for operational expenses of the run.  While we do our best to limit the run's expenses, the bus, jerseys and other essential publications do not come free.  All money kept for operational expenses that is not used, will also be donated to the charity on the day of the run.


Phi Gamma Delta, Rho Alpha Chapter
Care of: James Maze
202 Church Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060